The Spearos

Welcome to Rabitech: Your Premier Destination for Spearfishing and Free-Diving Essentials!

We offer Unparalleled Aquatic Excellence: Unleash the Extraordinary Power of Rabitech Spearguns!

Forged from the Fusion of Passion and Military Precision: Our founder’s expertise in crafting specialized military ammunition systems for over a decade has translated into the Unmatched Artistry of Rabitech’s Spearguns.

Dive into a World of Adventure: Where the Mastery of Spearfishing Converges with Unparalleled Commitment to Exceptional Service.

Rabitech is a small business where service comes first.

Constant development

we know cause we dive

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dives done

We frequently travel the world to test our gear in various conditions.

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Fish Shot

We’re always on the hunt, using our gear so we can advise fellow spearos on what gear works best.

Our Workshop

We Pioneer the Creation of Tech-Infused Spearguns

At Rabitech we build our own world class spearguns in our sophisticated workshop. Using the worlds most cutting edge technology to create spearfishing tools for the future.

Redefining Precision: Rabitech specializes in customizing and upgrading spearguns, delivering personalized enhancements that elevate your spearfishing prowess. Unleash your potential with our bespoke modifications.

Revive Your Gear: Rabitech provides expert speargun repair and servicing, breathing new life into your equipment. Trust our skilled technicians to ensure your speargun performs flawlessly.

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