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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the ocean’s call. Experience the thrill of spearfishing with Rabitech Spear Guns and diving gear. Dive deep, push boundaries, and capture your trophy.

Rabitech Spear Guns And Diving Gear

The Spearos Workshop

Welcome to the ultimate hub for daring divers and spearfishing aficionados in South Africa! Embark on a deep-sea adventure with our collection of high-performance spear guns, crafted for conquering the underwater world. Dive into the unknown with rugged, open-cell wetsuits designed to withstand the depths. Our gear is tailored for everyone, from seasoned sea warriors to newcomers. Equip yourself with masks, fins, weight belts, and more, ready to face any underwater challenge. Experience the raw intensity of South Africa’s waters with our premium snorkeling gear, as we invite all enthusiasts to gear up and let the adventure begin!

C4 Carbon – MB002 Carbon Fins

Original price was: R10,950.00.Current price is: R9,600.00.